Lancaster Production Totals

Updated: January 2008

While the accepted number of total Manchester's produced is 202, it is interesting to find that the actually total number of Manchester and Lancaster airframes ordered was 9,012, the breaking down as follows:


Total Lancaster and Manchester Serial No's issued (ordered)
-   652 Total Manchester Serial No's issued
  8360 Lancaster Serial No's issued
- 983 Lancaster's cancelled prior to being built
  7377 Total Lancaster's produced
- 2882 Scrapped airframes all causes
-     26 Identified airframe in museums or still in crash sites
-      39 Lost on the ground due to fire (at dispersal)
-       9 Unknown (files corrupt/no data available)
-     19 Exploded on the air/on the ground non-op's related
-    904 Crashed in England base - all causes
 3498 Balance - Total Lancaster's lost on Op's all causes **


** Assuming a standard crew of seven the loss 3,498 aircraft represents the loss of 24,486 aircrew either killed, captured or injured. Pathfinder crews normally consisted of 8 crew members so the figure is potentially even higher.