Lancaster and Manchester Bomber

Air Crew Casualties and POW's


Updated: August 2010

Major Sources:


  • The Bomber Command War Dairies by Martin Middlebrook and Chris Everit
  • Bomber Command Losses by W.R. Chorley
  • Numerous other publications include Squadron ORB's and Form 78's

October 18, 2010


I have been advised today that the Lancaster and Manchester Losses and Crew Losses which I have spent some 20+ years working to compile have been stolen from this site and are now posted online for sale by CD.


These files were clearly copyrighted and dated


As a result I have been forced to remove this listing from the web site to protect my work.


Anyone who sees these items for sale are requested to contact the authorities in your region and advise them of this theft.


I am deeply saddened to see once again that a ‘few selfish people, who wish to make profit from others work” have ruined this information being made available.