Donations To The Lancaster-Archive


Updated: September 2008

Historical Donations Wanted For The Lancaster-Archive


While this appeal is difficult for me to make, sadly the reality is that as time marches on and our relatives, friends and associates pass away; their possessions often pass to those who have no use for them, have no room for them or have no interest in the history which they may represent.


I therefore feel that it is important to make those visitors to this site aware of the following:


While I do not have unlimited storage and my area of focus and interest is to the Avro Lancaster and Manchester Bombers as well as Bomber Command in general. I do maintain a growing collection of information on these subjects. I feel that it is important for those members of the public who wish to preserve our history to be made aware of possible options in which they can participate in this process.


I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has any Lancaster or Manchester bomber historical data that they may wish to donate to the Lancaster-Archive. I can assure that each donation will be used for historical purposes and shall be respected. Each donation will be held “intact” and at no time shall I sell or otherwise give away such donations.


Conditions of Donation:


1)    All items being considered for donation, I will not pay you, must be photographed and the images sent to me for review and acceptance – NO EXCEPTIONS I am not a garbage collection service. I reserve the right to accept or refuse any offering. I prefer original items but copies are also of interest for some topics.


2)    I am interested in the following only:


a.    Any items relating to Lancaster and Manchester Bombers (photo’s, parts, manuals, etc)

b.    Aircrew items from Lancaster or Manchester Bombers (logbooks, photo’s, etc)

c.    Anything dealing with Lancaster and Manchester Ground Crews

d.    Items regarding WAAF personnel in Bomber Command (photo’s, etc)

e.    Bomber Command material (Squadron Operational Records, Photo’s, Communications, etc)

f.    Air and ground crew medals (sorry I have no room for uniforms)


3)    I will not accept anything and everything, the “Lancaster-Archive” is my personal collection as previously mentioned I do not have unlimited storage space. If any donation arrives without prior acceptance I will return it (at your cost), sell it or destroy it.



4)    All donations which are made are not reclaimable they become my property and all rights f ownership are transferred to me at the time of receipt.


5)    I reserve the right to use any and all information donated to the “Lancaster-Archive” for my personal research and reserve the right to publish, post online or use said information on the web site or any other means which I may determine.


6)    If requested shall allow other researches access to the material for research purposes only.


7)    Upon my passing I shall ensure that the entire “Lancaster-Archive” is bequeathed to either a Museum or Historical organization which I fell will respect the collection for its historical value and maintain it in its entirety.

I look forward to hearing from anyone who may wish to discuss donation options with me at anytime.

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